Kwik Kar | Irving, TX – on Esters | 972-514-0510

Kwik Kar | Irving, TX - on Esters | 972-514-0510

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Dave Burgess

We are independently owned and operated which allows us to custom tailor our products and services to the specific needs of our customers. We mainly serve the Irving and Mid-Cities area but gladly serve customers from anywhere.

We invite you to stop in at your convenience and meet us personally. We would be happy to discuss your automotive needs and let you know what Kwik Kar can do to keep your car running in top condition at all times and in all kinds of weather.

Kwik Kar Irving Esters Rd.

Cars start to decline once you take away their primary needs in order to function properly. Their performance will suffer too. Some cars may still last for many years, although damaged and barely plugging along. Others will just die on you at some inopportune time because the damage is too severe.

Taking care of your car is just like taking care of a person. The services done to the car are like the preventative care and maintenance given to a human beings. Their needs, like oil, oil changes, and new wheels are similar to vaccines, food, nutrition, clothes and other necessities of human beings. Their yearly state inspections are like human beings going to their doctor for regular annual check ups. So if you know how to take care of yourself in a prime way, then you know how to take care of your car also. You keep yourself clean, don’t you? You realize that if you didn’t have good hygiene, it would not reflect well on you as a person. If you broke your leg, would you ignore it and continue to walk on the broken leg? Of course not! Like some people say “A car reflects its owner’s cleanliness and personality.”

At least one out of a hundred cars need a Transmission Service performed at any given time in the state of Texas, yet their owners do not even bother taking their vehicle in to their trusted car shop to have it done. Why not? Maybe it’s because life today is hectic and they are so busy that they have not made the time to take care of this necessity. Or perhaps it is because they are irresponsible and do not care about the condition of their car being safe or reliable. Maybe they are procrastinator, or just plain lazy. Whatever the reason, we do not want to fall into the trap of letting our car’s health become compromised.

The same thing goes to having PCV Valve Services done. Some owners know that it can harm their engine if they do not have this service performed frequently. Yet they do not see it as a priority to take care of. Neglecting this service can cause oil to eventually leak from the car and can cause the car to perform in a poor manner.

Taking care of your car at Kwik Kar is one of our main missions as a car repair shop. We promise to keep your car in it’s tip top shape every time you bring it to us for services, maintenance or inspections like Fuel Injection Service, Differential Service, Battery Maintenance, Air Conditioning Service, Air Filter Service and much more.

We also offer Full service Oil and Lube where we change your car’s oil according to manufacturer’s recommendations to keep your engine in good shape. Are you worried about the yearly State Inspection? Worry no more. We provide fast and affordable State Inspection Services. Come by Kwik Kar Irving Esters Rd where we always welcome you with a warm smile and a professional staff of trained, experienced technicians. We are standing by ready to fulfill all of your car’s needs. When you leave, we want you and your car to also be wearing a huge smile on your face, the kind of smile that comes with peace of mind.


1888 Esters Road
Irving, TX 75061
(972) 514-0510


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